Get your teeth and smile back in just one day - a blessing for toothlessness

Functional and beautiful teeth are an important part of a healthy and fulfilled life.

Missing teeth and unsuitable dentures have a negative impact on your quality of life and your everyday life. Are you affected by toothlessness or have you lost all your teeth?
We have the long-lasting solution to make you fixed teeth in just one day! How? With the All-on-4® procedure.

If you have an edentulous jaw, a new set of teeth is often a particularly lengthy but also painful treatment. All-on-4® is a modern, innovative option for a radiant smile, far removed from traditional denture treatment methods.

Beautiful teeth and a firm bite, guaranteed!

This is made possible by specially developed implants that guarantee high stability in any bone structure. On 4 implants, all teeth are fixed in just one single session, within the framework of a surgical procedure. For all those who wish to regain the full function and natural aesthetics of their teeth.

Already 95% of all patients are extremely satisfied with the All-on-4 treatment.

Advantages and characteristics of the All-on-4® method

• Perfectly fitting and natural looking teeth
• Short treatment time
• Implants promote the regeneration of the jawbone
• All-on-4 are fixed and non-removable
• Improved self-confidence and quality of life immediately

How the All-on-4® method works

Before the treatment

A 3D X-ray is used to create an exact image of the bony structure. Using computer-assisted technology, we create an individual template that shows us the optimal position of the implants.

The treatment

You will first receive a local anaesthetic. During the surgical procedure, the 4 specially designed artificial tooth roots are placed in the jaw at a specific angle. The method is also possible with low jawbone volume, because the special angular position provides a stable anchorage for the implants. A few hours after the implants are placed in the jaw, a fixed dental bridge is screwed to them. Within just one day of treatment, the patient can leave the practice with an aesthetically beautiful and functional set of teeth.

After the treatment

After you have left the practice with fixed, temporary bridges, you can already get used to the new feeling of going about your daily life with fixed teeth. After about four months, once the healing period is complete, you will receive your final dentures. Even after the treatment has been completed, we will be at your side and support you with regular check-ups and professional dental cleanings to ensure that your teeth are perfectly cared for.


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An investment for life
What are the costs?

The costs depend on which implants have to be chosen, which material is chosen for the bridge and how high the laboratory costs are.

We rely on the highest quality standards. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we can ensure a fair price for you. With proper care, your implants will last you a lifetime.

Which subsidies the health insurance company will pay depends on the individual dental findings, which take into account the condition of the entire dentition.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Your new quality of life through our work

weiss32 all on 4 behandlungskonzept

Weiss32 regularly undergoes further training as users of the All-on-4® treatment concept. We have proven experience for this unique method. As certified dentists, we are committed to maintaining the high-quality standards set by the manufacturer Nobel Biocare. This results in the highest level of application safety and excellent results.

You can trust our work when it comes to implantology and dentistry.

Our team will accompany you throughout the entire treatment process and together we will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


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